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Love your sound!

A practice and support system to help you play with emotion and sound like a pro.

“Everything sounds the same despite lessons and 4 years of practice.”

You want to enjoy your violin and play for others, so what’s stopping you?


“When I see a 10 year old play beautifully I want to cry. Progress is slow so I’ll always feel behind.”

“There must be something wrong with my hands.”

“My teacher says I have to wait to start vibrato until I know all the notes in first position.”

The system has failed you because it’s been tailored to children for 300 years.

Hi I’m Jenny, your personal guide.

I learned to play violin as an adult and became the “front man” for two nationally touring bands. I struggled as a teacher to say the right thing to get my students to click with vibrato. I’ve slowly developed a system that works for adults. This program is a unique combo of videos, community, and personal attention from me so you’ll never stay stuck. You will develop a strong vibrato in 1-3 months so you will love your sound. 

Relieve Stress

Don’t worry about what to practice each day. 5 minute videos keep your eye on the prize in a doable way.

Make Friends

Push yourself to record and share your own videos. We’re all in the same boat and love to talk shop.

Use Tools That Work

Become your own best coach to avoid injury and achieve the sound you want. All questions along the way answered by Jenny.
“Even with only 5 minutes I still made noticeable progress.” Becky

3 Easy Steps – All The Powerful Secrets

Follow along with the group by practicing the video I send straight to your email, or go at your own pace. Each step takes about a week and will lead to powerful changes in your sound.

Step 1: Training Wheels
Step 2: Remove Training Wheels
Step 3: Pitch Waver
Bonus Week: Advanced Exercises

Learn Anywhere on Any Device

Watch practice videos on your phone or computer. Try things first in the privacy of your own home. Some exercises don’t even require a violin.

Join Our Online Community

Get feedback from Jenny and fellow hot violinists. Have all your questions answered.

What makes Vibrato with Jenny so different?


Most adults are eager to play music and it’s hard to know when and how to work vibrato training into everything else you’re working on. This program shows you just what you need to know to practice effectively. Vibrato becomes something you can do in your sleep.

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“My playing was rough. I didn’t know where to start, how to keep going or what I was doing wrong. Jenny’s program was perfect for me. I was a little apprehensive on the cost but I took the risk and it was worth it. I mean, I really play music, like never before!” Jesse

“This series on Vibrato is excellent. When you announced you were giving a class on how to do Vibrato I was excited, but I didn’t expect such highly detailed instructions! You do such a great job in presenting this material. The enrollment fee was the best investment I’ve ever spent on my violin training.” Chuck

What’s my investment?


Here are some potential expenses this program could help you avoid:

Earplugs, Practice Mutes and other unnecessary accessories on Amazon: $19.95-$100 each order on an ongoing basis (we’ve all been there)

-Inexpensive Weekly Private Lessons for 2 Years At $25 each: $2,600

-Lessons forever: $?????? (Let’s face it. Lessons are fun but it’s not always easy to practice what the teacher says all week long. This makes progress so slow you can’t detect it and the expense is ongoing.)

If you sounded the way you want, how much could you earn playing gigs, busking or joining a church band?

100% Money Back Guarantee + Free Private Lesson

I think this system is the best way for adults to learn vibrato in the shortest amount of time, but I don’t expect it to work for everyone. If you and I are not a good fit, I’ll refund your money in full. I want you to be able to use your hard earned dollars for the next thing that may help your violin.

And I’ll even give you a free private lesson to help point you in the right direction.

All members recieve the following:

  • The 30 Day Video Series ($297 value)
  • Monthly Live Group Video Sessions For 7 Months (Troubleshoot any violin issue, $329 value)
  • Feedback as Needed on Private FB Group (I put a lot of time and care into this part.)
  • Free Concerning Hobbits Two Week Tune Session (A great tune for vibrato in same 5 min a day format. $175 value)
  • Free Fiddle Buying Renting Guide ($47 value)

Two Ways To Join

Make Payments

  • Same rockin’ program
  • 7 easy monthly payments

Limited Time Bonus Available Now

Join Vibrato now and get access to Concerning Hobbits Tune Session. It’s 2 weeks 5 minutes a day where you’ll learn a great tune for vibrato plus:

  • Reinforce D Major Scale
  • Short Bows For Intonation Accuracy
  • Long Bows for Color and Expression
  • 10 Step Bow Hold Intensive

It’s proven students learn faster when I wear a ridiculous hat.

The Hot Violinist 5 Minute Promise

It doesn’t take hours each day to sound great when you practice the right stuff, and I never want you to feel stuck. 

This is a bold promise because we all get stuck and there can be many reasons.

If you EVER feel stuck or unsure about your playing, I’ll help you identify the 5 minute practice you need next to get unstuck.

It’s guaranteed to work, or we’ll try something else.

This is for you if:

-You want to perform confidently

-You are serious about your fun

-You are willing to practice Vibrato daily for at least a month before trying to put it in a song

-You are frustrated with YouTube

-You know vibrato intellectually but can’t do it with ease yet

-You’re willing to shed light on your playing even it’s not perfect


This is not for you if:

-You just want to play songs only

-You’re looking for a quick fix that doesn’t involve practicing (5 min is enough but it must be daily)

-You already love your sound and feel fully expressive on violin

-You would rather hide out than change the way you sound

“I say the best laid plans of mice and hot violinists often go awry because I have a lot going on with family, church, and work. What I like the most is I always have the videos to fall back on. Jenny is good at listening to what goals I have and offering how best to achieve them. I like that I can work on vibrato, double stops, and shifting within the first couple years. I also enjoy making new friends through the Facebook group who are always ready to share their talent and comments.” John


When should I start practicing vibrato?
I recommend starting your vibrato studies early. Especially if you’re teaching yourself with mostly online stuff, it’s so helpful to know where you’re headed. The bad habit struggle is real, and you don’t want to practice a left hand technique for 3 years that you’ll have to un-learn to get your vibrato going.
What if I want private lessons from you instead?
I only take on new students for private lessons who have completed one of my programs. Why? Because I know we are already on the same page and will have so much foundation to build on.
How can this one program suit all levels?
Let’s say a basketball team gets a new coach. It doesn’t matter if it’s highschool basketball or NBA, that coach will go to basics and foundations to get the biggest results before moving to the fine tuning. (At least, I read an article that Golden State Warriors dominated by focusing on basic passing drills.) Anyway, I wanna be your new coach and the juiciest stuff is all in the foundation technique and mechanics.
Do I need special technical skills or equipment?
This is pretty low tech relatively. I deliver most of the content straight to your email. The group forum is hosted as a private group on FB. Most people find this is the easiest way to share video and comments with me and other members. The monthly video meetings are hosted on Zoom which is like Skype only way better. Members are usually good about helping each other troubleshoot when any one of us has tech difficulties.
“I started violin in my mid 20s after college because I always wanted to be like Sherlock Holmes. I’m I glad I didn’t know how hard it was going to be because I don’t know if I would have done it! I wanted to learn vibrato when I had been playing for about 7 months. Jenny showed me how to take a break from learning tunes to practice the vibrato movements. I admit it was tough to step back and I felt like I was getting behind on the music. Then one day about 3 months later, I could just do vibrato in anything I wanted. I’m still a student, but since I learned vibrato I don’t feel like a noob anymore. I can honestly say I LOVE my sound. It was worth it. I think If I can do it, anyone can.” Adam

It’s so much fun for me to see (and hear!) my students make breakthroughs. I’d love to work with you next.

I’m closing enrollment soon so I can focus on you.